The Istanbul95 Urban Playspaces Conference is a collaborative project. The conference, which is part of the Istanbul95 program of the Bernard van Leer Foundation is organized by Studio-X Istanbul, one of the urban laboratories of GSAPP, Columbia University's Faculty of Architecture, at Kadir Has University.

Urban Playspaces Conference is a parallel activity to the Istanbul Design Biennial and is contributed by many stakeholders. The conference is proposing participants to see the city through the eyes of its youngest citizens.

Istanbul95 Program

Istanbul95 is the Turkish branch of Bernard van Leer Foundation’s global Urban95 program which asks the question if you could ask the question; if you could see a city from 95cm, the height of a healthy three-year-old child, what would you change in terms of city planning, public services and infrastructure? In Istanbul, we carry out joint projects with Beyoğlu, Sarıyer, Sultanbeyli and Maltepe Municipalities.

Studio-X Istanbul

Founded as an initiative of Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), Studio-X Istanbul is an urban laboratory that aims to identify the current and future issues facing the city and seeks to generate innovative forms of thinking for their solutions. To this end, Studio-X creates a new platform to enable information and knowledge exchange among experts, universities, civil society organizations and local governance; supports everyone who would like to do something on urban issues. Studio-X works in coordination with Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul.

Kadir Has University Urban95 Master Program

For the 2018-19 academic year, KHAS is expanding its Urban95 courses, launched in 2017 to a three-term Urban95 Master's Degree Program. Urban95 will be the first graduate program in design in Turkey focusing on early childhood issues, covering various topics from developmental psychology, urban design to data-based research.

Bernard Van Leer foundatıon

Bernard Van Leer Foundation is a Dutch-based non-governmental organization with the goal of "increasing opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged children". So far, the Foundation has supported studies on early childhood in over 50 countries, and in addition to its current global program, it supports studies in different parts of the world including Brazil, Ivory Coast, India, Netherlands and Turkey. Bernard van Leer Foundation has been operating in Turkey since 1994.

Urban95 PartnerS